Breast Augementation In The UK – Your Ultimate Guide

 Breast_AugementationIf you’re thinking of having breast augmentation surgery, then you’re certainly not alone. These days, the demand for breast augmentation is very high, and in if you’re in the UK, you’ll have a diverse range of options when it comes to picking your surgery. Although you’re unlikely to receive breast augmentation surgery for free via the NHS (unless your decision isn’t based on cosmetic reasons), there’s still many fantastic private surgeries across the country.
Having this form of cosmetic surgery is no longer taboo, and thousands of women each year choose to have this procedure performed. What’s more, they all quickly discover their confidence and self-esteem has increased. So if your breasts have long been a source of insecurity, there’s no reason not to have this operation. With a focus on cutting-edge surgical techniques, most people find the operation is far less invasive than it used to be – and the scarring is very minimal.

Interestingly, breast enlargement isn’t always the most demanded form of breast augmentation, and there’s certainly a great deal alternatives available to you other than increasing your size. In many cases, women choose to have minor changes, such as alternating the general shape of the breast to achieve a greater degree of symmetry.
Ultimately, the type of results you achieve will come down to what you’ve discussed with your surgeon in the consultation process, so it’s well worth taking the time to explain exactly why you’re seeking out breast augmentation, along with the results you’re hoping to see.

In general, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ reason to have breast augmentation, so regardless of whether you’ve always wanted to improve your smaller breast size, or even if they’ve simply lost shape and volume after a pregnancy, your surgeon will be there to listen to you and give you the kind of breasts you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Another key decision you’ll need to make is what size you’re looking to have. It’s often recommended that you only increase by one to two cup sizes because any greater change can increase the risk of a problem occurring. Overall, you need to ensure you have enough loose skin and fat on your chest area to accommodate the larger cup size. Therefore, most surgeons consider one to two cup sizes to be the maximum recommended size increase.

 having breast augmentation surgeryYour surgeon will be happy to explain the entire procedure to you beforehand, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. In most cases, you’ll find that your breast augmentation operation can be completed in under 2 hours, and you’ll usually be allowed to go home the very same day. However, in some cases, you may be required to stay in the hospital overnight, to ensure you’ve fully recovered from the general anaesthetic and are safe to return home.
Overall, it’s safe to say that having breast augmentation surgery is a great option if you’re feeling dissatisfied with your current breasts and you’re looking for a real change. Many women report that they’re thrilled with the results after having surgery, and most find they are happy with the investment they’ve made.

Follow up Appointment after you get Breast Implants

BREAST IMPLANTSMany women would like to get breast implants, but they just need to find out more information. One of the questions that a lot of people have is how much money breast implants cost. Unfortunately, breast implants cost a lot of money at ten to fifteen thousand dollars. Even though breast implants are expensive, most women will find them to be well worth the cost. Another question that a lot of people have is if there will be a follow up appointment after you get breast implants.

So, will there be a follow up appointment after you get breast implants?

Yes, there will be a follow up appointment after you get breast implants. The reason that there will be a follow up appointment after you get breast implants is because the surgeon needs to make sure that your body has accepted the implants. If your body has not accepted the implants, then the surgeon will have to go back in and fix the problem. In order to reduce the chances of a bad follow up appointment, you should make sure that you do not smoke. You should also make sure that you do not take aspirin pills because they thin your blood and make it harder for your body to accept the implants.

Now that you know that there will be a follow up appointment after you get breast implants, you should not feel that nervous about leaving the hospital after your surgery because there will be another appointment. At the follow appointment, you will be able to address all of the concerns you have with your surgeon. You will also be able to tell the surgeon whether or not you like the size of your new breasts.